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Uniqlo Jump

In 2007, the Japanese clothing giant Uniqlo launched a completely nonsensical marketing campaign. Or at least that's what I think it is. They called on all their employees around the world to take a few minutes out of their day and JUMP!!! in their best Uniqlo wear. It's crazy, it's fun. I wanna work there now!


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South Korea
New York (US)
London (UK)

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Resource Credit

As a budding icon maker (well, I can hope), I am not without the many brushes, textures, etc. of other people. And it would be competely remiss of me if I didn't say anything. So, in this post, I am crediting everyone I have ever used something of theirs to create an icon.

Note: If you recognize a texture/brush/etc. as yours and I do not have you listed, please comment and tell me! If I have labeled someone's name wrong, please comment and tell me!

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First Post

Adding to the multiple journals/blogs I have. The other one was...just not kickin'. Well, I will post icons, graphics and anything else I decide to dabble in. My life is quite the crash course, most things I try, it seems like I either teach myself or have to learn on the spot. That's how it's been with icons. So while I'm not iconage master, I hope to improve my skill. Please look comment, credit, and enjoy what you see!
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